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New York Pressure Washing can give your home a quick and affordable alternative to replacing old driveways, patios, decks and siding. Whether its a quick clean down, or full pressure wash restoration job, NYPW can accommodate any need. NYPW specializes in steam cleaning, using hot water and biodegradeable, eco-friendly chemical solutions.

Our Cleaning Services include:
Bird Prevention and clean up
Brick Walkways, Decks and Patio restoration
Eaves and Overhangs
Cleaning stucco, brick and motar
Doors and Windows
Restoring Wood and Vinyl fences
Chain link, wrought iron and graffiti removal
Swimming pools and spa's and so much more.

Why not let NYPW get you ready for the summer season, we can clean your:
Outdoor Furniture and Accessories
Plank Containers
Windows and doors.
NYPW also sanitizes and cleans swings and play structures, trash cans and surrounding areas, keeping your little ones just a little cleaner.