hear what people say


Daniel Otwago, Manhattan

" I own a restaurant on Broadway. Gum seems to build up on the sidewalk in from of my place. I tried to scrape it away with one of those gum removers, nothing worked. I called NYPW, they came out, showed me how their machines work, and now, I am gum free."


Greg Huggins, Harlem

" We have discount stores located in Harlem, Washington Heights, Brooklyn and Queens. We wanted to revamp our look to be universal. I called NYPW to come clean my Harlem store so we can repaint and hang a new graphic canopy. We loved their work so much, we had them do our other three stores."


Lutuzyo Sumwecuf, The Bronx

" My wife and I were about to buy a home. We found our perfect match, but it was in need of a desperate cleaning. We called NYPW for a free quote to clean our entire house outside. We were able to repaint in a week because they worked so fast. Now, we love our home."


Markus Dewiser, Staten Island

" We just did work on our building. The company that we hired used those scaffoldings all the way up the side of the building. They worked on our building for a long time, but now there are rust spots running all over our sidewalk. NYPW actually left a business card with our receptionist. She told me to call them and now, I'm glad I did. Our sidewalks look brand new."